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Tue, Apr. 18th, 2006, 08:45 pm

if i dont stand on the edge and look down at the ending then i dont know if im alive or not. if i cant see the end of all things then it must be infinite, and we all know that infinity cannot exist in actuality- only theoretically. maybe thats why i hate the word forever so much, because i know it isnt true.

this whole thing is so stupid. just so everyone knows, im not writing this shit cause i really beleive it, it just feels pretty and true and i feel like writing and im in a very self indulgent mood. ignore me please.

Thu, Apr. 6th, 2006, 04:17 pm


no less than 2 couples in the freshman class are engaged. not just chad and laurel, whcih is odd enough but also melinda, the one who dresses REALLY weirdly and karl. yea gods what is with people? it must be spring, all that sap moving, making people want to have babies. also if im pregnant im going to be REALLY mad. lets hope im just malnourished and paranoid.

also here is the final draft of my essay.
please do NOT reply telling me i made some huge editorial error, since theres nothing i can do about those at this point. ms brann said she really liked it, so im pretty happy about it at this point.

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Mon, Apr. 3rd, 2006, 07:43 am

becca, when you wake up, if you feel you have time, can you proofread my paper for grammer and stuff? call me. Tommy

Sun, Apr. 2nd, 2006, 10:43 pm

woa- while procrastinating i have learned something totaly awesome!


its been ten years since they last toured. this is SO COOL! now if breaking benjamin would just go on tour i would be happy for life.

these are the concerts im planning on going to this summer

gaelic storm- july 7 east greenwich
zox/warped tour
john gorka

is anyone else interesting coming to town?

Sat, Apr. 1st, 2006, 07:19 am

jeff mcnulty, what ever happened to you? while trying to avoid the paper pf doom i was cleaning out my email and i realized that you have disappeard. what happened. did you fall down a well? were you attacked by old ladies in a buick? earth calling gngreffman, where are you?

Tue, Mar. 28th, 2006, 07:16 pm

Type your FIRST REACTION when you hear these 35 words:

1. I need: to work on my essay

2. Sex: is messy

3. Relationships: are overrated

4. Your Last Ex: is insane and vindictive. that is if w'ere counting micah as an ex which apparently he is. EDIT ok that may have been uncalled for. however, i am still mad and i stand by the fact of it and im not deleting it

5. Power: is dangerous

6. Marijuana: i need some.

7. Crack head: christine

8. Food: i need to find a way to sue roosevelt

9. The President: still clinton. dont argue with me on this point. clinton is still my president.

10. War: is the only thing that is truly wrong that i can think of. almost everything else in the world is in some way debateable, but as far as i am concerned, war is wrong full stop.

11. Cars: i want mine. NOW

12. Gas Prices: are being manipulated by someone.

13. Halloween: that crazy upperclassman who always dresses like its haloween

14. Politics: aristotle

15. Religion: quakerism is cool

16. MySpace: is deadly

17. Worst Fear: that poeple dont really care about me. they just use me for a variety of reasons, some of which might look very much like freindship. this of course means that i am INSANELY insecure. but its still a fear. that and suffocation and not being able to see.

18. Marriage: would be lovely but probably will never happen. i cant imagine myself ever being sure enough of another person to committ my whole life to them.

19. Fashion: i really dont care

20. Brunettes: are sexy

21. Redheads: are sexier

22: Work: there is too much. and ms merril doesnt help

24: Football: is the stupidest game in the history of the world. its like rugby but you get to wear full body armor and you stop for a ten minute rest every two seconds. and they says its a tough manly sport. have they ever seen a rugby match? or for that matter, a swimming meet? swimming is like running except you only get to breath about a quarter of the time. so take that.

25. One night stands: are cool

26: Pet Peeve: having my time wasted

27: Pixie Stix: are gross

28: Vanilla Ice Cream: is also gross

29: Porta Potties: can blow up and THAT is cool.

30: High school: was horrible

31: Pajamas: are seriously overrated

32. Wood: is wonderfull. it manages to stay alive for so long and its warm

33. Surfers: pot and sand in everything

34. Pictures: art is the truest expression of truth and beauty.

35. boyfriend/girlfriend: i love him. i think. what is love? no really.

i need to do work. this is stupid.

Tue, Mar. 28th, 2006, 06:49 pm

becuase i am feeling dangerously egotistical right now i present you with poetry, so that i may be beated down into the abyss of non talent that i am currently trying to climb out of. as always, poems are separated by stars * feel free to post telling me how crappy this shit is so that i will no longer be motivated to write it, thus you will be preforming a vital service to mankind.

in unimaginable sincerity
she stands before you, hands clasped,
in a dress far too formal, long and alone,
in an imaginary spotlight of disgust and despair.


finite resources crammed super small into
brains of sleepwalking children.

the factory model, hard at work for Americas youth.


(note, i wrote this a loooong time ago and in a very different mindset. )

where are you going?
to the emerald city, wonderland, you know...get on Rt. 66 turn left at the first star and strait on till morning.

are you sober?
i am so far gone i hope i never come down- i’m drunk on ideals and initiative and ginsberg and jerry garcia.

i’m going to call your mother.
fine, call her, tell her i’m standing on a bridge in a prom dress screaming for the crows, raped by the wind, angry at the suck-fuck beauty of it all.

i’m going to call the cops.
send them here an i will love them too, my mind is expanded. im flying high. send in the cops, the brute squad, i will laugh in their little faces and puke on their badges, and no matter what i will still scream.

i will scream untill something makes sense, till someone listens. only strangers really listen. little girls shouldent talk to starngers, but 80% of all rapes are by members of the family or a family freind. so statistically speaking you should trust the strangers before your own family.

i think i hate that last one, but it has a couple lines that are okish. as a whole though i think the ending doesnt fit with the rest of it and it gets too angry.



Wed, Mar. 22nd, 2006, 12:50 am

becca, come hang, im in the BBC til real late

Sun, Mar. 19th, 2006, 05:32 pm

so i did the myspace thing. i feel ashamed.

Tue, Mar. 7th, 2006, 01:03 am

ok, if people want a great laugh go read the one thing i have under memories in my userinfo. its afight about whether knitting is rude in lecture settings. its hands down the bitchiest thing ive read in many a moon. becky, you like funny threads, youll love this one. it has evoked words including: ignorance, elitism, 'called you on your bullshit', 'how many conferences have you actually attended?' and my fave abelist as in one who is able as in not disabled. and this word was used by the most fucking combative poster ive ever run across. its horrendous. everyone should go read it.

ps, being home sucks balls becuase a) robbie is in falmouth and b) i ave to be around my BROTHERS....... yuk.

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